1904 Waterford Royal visit from the River Suir

On Monday 2nd May 1904, Waterford hosted a royal visit to Ireland's oldest city. The event is very well recorded in history books, but one aspect receives a lot less attention, and that is the naval presence. 
On a wet Friday evening on the 29th April(1) four Royal Navy warships steamed up the harbour and arrived at the city to take up stations for the royal visit.  Three of the ships tied up along the quays; H.M.S. Melampus(1890) under Commander G.H. Gamble, H.M.S. Curlew(1885) under Lieut. and Commander Harold G. Grenfel, andH.M.S. Skipjack(1889) under Lieut. and Commander Llewellyn Griffiths. The flotilla was under the ultimate command of Rear Admiral Angus McLeod, who flew his flag from H.M.S. Aeolus(1894), which was commanded by Albert S. Lafone. The Aeolus was anchored in the middle of the Suir off Reginald's Tower. 
King Edward VII and his wife Alexandria and their daughter Princess Victoria arrived to Waterford's North Station on Monday 2nd May from Kilkenny. Alig…

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